Torifying the remainder of

It’s been some time since there was an update – at least I hope I haven’t missed an update – about putting the various services PrivacyTools offers on Tor. The alt-svc integration in TBB seems like it’ll be 2021 at the earliest, but with the layoffs at Tor this year, it’s anyone’s guess when that will be picked up.

In the meantime it would be cool to have onions for services. I’m probably in a minority (even here), but I’ve held off participating/using the services because of it. Even if the alt-svc stuff was fully supported today, I’d still want onions. Then, if I’d be using them, I’d be donating (as I do with other free services provided via Tor.)

This is just feedback. Well aware that my participation/donation/etc won’t move the needle tremendously by itself. However, to any extent you guys can provide onions for things (or give me a list of onions in case I missed them) that’d be great.