"..tor+vpn increasing attack surface drastically" - is it very bad?

in https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/ , it says:

“By using a VPN with Tor, you’re creating essentially a permanent entry node, often with a money trail attached. This provides 0 additional benefit to you, while increasing the attack surface of your connection dramatically.”

i use vpn for all computer traffic, and there is no way to make an exception rule in my vpn client :frowning:

i live in an occupied territory so cannot compromise security

please explain for non-tech what does this mean?
is vpn+tor dangerous for security?


I let more technical minded people to explain you more on that, but mostly, I´ll say that You > VPN > Tor is fine. But not the opposite tho (As explain, which is You > Tor > VPN).

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This may interest you,

hi sorry im slightly autistic (not being cynical) and cant understand

what is “You>tor>vpn” ?

you mean proxy through browser?

Me too.

When you connect to your VPN through Tor in the middle.

I am confused by this. If i have always-on VPN app that prevents leaks, and i use tor browser, which is that? bad or fine?

If i use orbot on my phone, and my android VPN is configured, is that bad or fine?