Tor: Reddit 503 error

Hello everyone. Having some issues with Tor the past few days, mainly when visiting Reddit. I’ve tried repeatedly with ‘new identity’ and ‘new circuit’, at one point I managed to hit 70 times (determined!) but I just keep getting hit with the 503 error.

Can anyone help with this by providing a way I can fix this issue? Using a VPN too, have changed the locations on the VPN multiple times to see if that works. The ‘Guard’ node is changing.

Thinking reddit is blocking the guard nodes? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m stumped.

I’m quite new to the privacy community but keen to learn. Thanks.

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I cant really help with this issue as I dont use reddit … BUT…

whenever a website wants to show me captchas or error messages because I am on Tor, then I stop using the website or app. Yep, that includes EVERY cloudflare website on the planet as well (I disable JS + use Tor)… lel thank you cloudflare for self-blocking yourself because i dont believe you are private and secure to begin with. If they truthfully cared ; their websites wouldnt be breaking with Tor and JS disabled in the first place…

Thats what I do :slight_smile: Im not sure how to fix ur problem if you need to use reddit for some reason tho


i tried it and sadly yes same thing. so maybe a VPN would be good or if you dont need to login using reddit and just browser, you can use

I also encountered the same issue, however I found a walkaround. Just substitute the ‘www’ part of the URL with ‘old’, and the page will show up.

thanks :smiley: if i ever wanna use reddit one day i can use :slight_smile:

def good to know . i never really checked it for anything because im always on tor xD

the option is nice :slight_smile: or this; soo ya. idk lulz i like the option if i ever wanna go on reddit tho… yaa