Tor Proxy for every day

how to route all your traffic through TOR: aka. a tor proxy.

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oooh i do that ALL the time, actually I’m doing it via this web browser I’m using right now :smiley: I’ve never seen a captcha on these forums and I’m always tunnelling over TOR btw. It’s comfy coming here on TOR

For PC, you either want to download the TOR browser bundle (the TOR service without the browser) or just download TOR browser . Then either start the TOR service or the TOR browser depending on what you downloaded.

Now any program that allows you to set a SOCKS5 proxy (usually somewhere like “tools”->“preferences”->‘network connection’->settings in the program) , which could also be another web browser if you like can use TOR by setting the SOCKS5 proxy to IP: “” or “localhost” on port 9050.

I kinda have a feeling that a technical writer probably can say it more eloquently and easier to follow:

That works with any program (not just Tox) that allows the proxy settings to be changed :slight_smile:

On a smartphone you can check out Orbot witch basically turns TOR into a vpn-like proxy as you asked - they may have a desktop version as well, in which no configuration is needed and would work with all programs/apps :slight_smile:

I think also the Tails Linux OS also routes all traffic via TOR in a vpn-like way as well instead of having to configure each program 1 by 1 .

Off-topic: I wish these large tech corpations and governments good luck trying to spy on and shut down P2P apps. What’s wrong with P2P apps ? They can show your IP because of their P2P nature - oh look at that you can fix that issue by using them with TOR :smiley:

Every day !

There are 3 options, 1. download the tor browser and then in each app you add as proxy server (while tor browser running) or install an app (which is hard) but it proxy all the commuter and last thing is something like Raspberry Pi to proxy all devices

So easy one, is the first one (but again it depends on what you want to proxy)

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Want to say that on linux the port is 9150 (like take it as a side info if you talked with a linux user in the future :slight_smile: )

You could use Whonix VM (Virtual Machines) to route things over Tor. This way you know your not messing up any settings and leaking anything. I do that for a few things. Just add other repos to Whonix and then download what you want. Not everything works, like electron apps just don’t open for me, but lots of things do. I use Wire (messenger) this way and Signal’s desktop app too.

Cool ok thanks

ooooh thats a good way to use wire :slight_smile: i never thought to do that

thanks for sharing :smiley: i have a tails iso already i could use if i wanna try that in a VM or whonix VM

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