Tor browser fingerprinting

I’m using Tor browser’s “safer” security setting (the middle level) and apparently my browser fingerprinting by panopticlick.eff tool online is highly identifiable. How is that possible?

When I increased the security level to to “safest” it appears to be better, but then this setting breaks most of the sites I visit!
What can be done about it, if it’s correct at all?


Don’t have to do anything if tor browser users are not visiting panopclick tor browser will look unique only for panopclick other sites will still see you as one of the tor users

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the thing is, you dont block the fingerprint but you can fake it so tor browser made all useragents are same (browser on windows) and gave same settings so yes people would know you are tor user but would not know you in specific in other words you are safe as long as you dont play in its settings except bridges and safe level :smiley: — it’s broken (most of it) because its indeed block stuff to minimize tools to identify you so more safe you are the more site is broken