ToDo List for Personal Use

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I search a ToDo List, at the moment i use a File. I should run on Windows, Android and Linux

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hope that helps:

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You can use Joplin for that. It’s an Evernote replacement, and you can make to do lists using markdown. You can encrypt everything and sync between devices using a cloud storage service.

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is there a way to sync to Mobile?

Yes, if you set sync service (e.g. Nextcloud, Dropbox, OneDrive…)
I used to use Joplin, but now I’m using simple .md or .txt file via Tresorit and Nexcloud apps

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thanks guys, im using Joplin via a Sync Service. i never thought about the todo function in the app. I always saved Joplin notebooks on the local filesystem and backed them up via script to a remote server