Thunderbird downloaded files safety

Mozilla stores e-mails on the computer, but how to protect them in case of computer is hacked?
I think I could set Mozilla itself to be opened only by Windows administrator (password would be required), but if files with downloaded e-mails are not encrypted it does not matter.

you already have the app right ? what about go to your home dir (in app) and see files if you could open them or not (i mean if you can see your emails in these files)

  • You could set up full-disk encryption. This protects files if somebody steals your device or wants to start it when you are AFK.
  • You can also save these files in an encrypted container or use folder-based encryption. If the container is closed/if the folder is encrypted, a hacker can’t access your files.
  • Then, you can use tools like GnuPG to encrypt/decrypt single files on your system.

In all cases, security depends on the strength of your key used for encryption, and of course, on the tool used for encryption.

Account passwords are usually only used for authentication, not for encryption. So on most file systems, you need a password to access an account. However, there is no encryption/decryption applied.