Thoughts on my way of blocking ads, and trackers in Firefox / LAN


I’ve recently switched and changed up my Firefox and LAN setup for privacy and tracking blocking. I’ve got a raspberry Pi hole and Unbound as my DNS. But now when I’m looking over my Firefox setup, it seems that I might have “too many” ways of blocking trackers and ads. I’ve got Enhanced Tracking Protection set to strict mode, and I use uBlock too. I’ve also had Privacy Badger installed an active but that seems “unnecessary” now when I have Pi hole, ETP and uBlock.

I’ve also moved away from Multi Account Container thx to Firefox’s Total Cookie Protection Firefox 86 Introduces Total Cookie Protection - Mozilla Security Blog

What do you guys think of my setup, any thought or improvements?

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I don’t have any improvements but I can share what I do :

  • I have an addon that disables JavaSctipt by default and you can enable it on a per-site basis when needed - which takes care of a lot of the javascript spying.

  • I have an addon that you can set to disable 3rd party images, 3rd party js, and 3rd party cookies.

  • I also add entries to my hosts file like this:

oh, and when I want to block an entire company (i.e. Google or Facebook) - then i research their known IP block ranges and pop them into UFW firewall with deny rules :slight_smile:

but ya, add blocks work beautifully as well.

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