Thoughts on GlassROM?

Introduction to GlassROM by the developer:

How good is GlassROM compared to the likes of LineageOS and GrapheneOS? Is it more secure, private and/or stable?
Is it a good alternative for people with hardware not supported by GrapheneOS, but supported by GlassROM? How do you feel about it being a lesser known project, with very little popularity? It seems very hard to find information about this elsewhere.

GrapheneOS is significantly different to other ROMs in that it is hardened

LineageOS is one of the most mainstream ROMs. We only recommend devices with official support as we believe their charter helps ensure some quality control.

A lot of other ROMs really aren’t anything special. They often are based on LineageOS with minor UI changes, and default included applications.

Keep in mind the GlassROM org consists of one person I haven’t personally heard of this ROM before, so I would hazard to guess it’s a fairly small/new project. It appears to be based on LineageOS as most ROMs are.

Trust is always a concern, particularly as Android requires the use of proprietary closed-source blobs, included with the ROM to make devices work. These are usually extracted from stock ROMs.

I would be very careful about what custom ROMs I used.


GlassROM has a lot in common with GrapheneOS, but target devices are different. You need a Pixel for recent GrapheneOS, or one of a couple OnePlus models for GlassROM. If you web search developer nicknames for both, you will find significant interactions, like they’re collaborating. In the GlassROM github several repo’s are forked from GrapheneOS. So GrapheneOS leads, GlassROM follows. GrapheneOS spun or exploded away from CopperheadOS with a bunch of social media and other drama, and possibly legal battles. I would hesitate to invest much energy into either, because history has a way of repeating, and nobody wants to be inside a blast radius when projects blow up. On the other hand, GrapheneOS and GlassROM sound good, so maybe it’s worth the risk. I’ve seen some positive reviews of GrapheneOS. Not so much for GlassROM, and the non-functioning website link in github is sketchy a bad indicator.

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