Thoughts on Calyx Institute membership and 4G hotspot

Has any donated $500 or more to Calyx in order to get an anonymous 4G modem? I can’t seem to find the info page they used to have but it still appears in their sign-up literature. I’m rather tempted but I can imagine depending solely on 4G might be a headache and $500 out the window. Yet my ISP sucks.

Become a member of The Calyx Institute
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  • Bring online privacy by design to everyone:
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The lack of online privacy and security have become front page news over the past several years.

Most of the world’s electronic communications are being collected by governments and corporations, with little oversight or consent.

The Calyx Institute played a crucial role in bringing these issues into the forefront and keeping them there.

Like a calyx opens to support a flower in bloom, our goal is to continue and expand, creating a more robust and self-sustaining organization dedicated to online privacy and security issues.