Thoughts about filemail?

what do you think about filemail? is it trustworthy?

No source code which is big minus, also they don’t do any encryption of files on their servers (they are encrypted in transit with https). In their ToS they say:

  1. Files
    Filemail may not be used to transfer any illegal or copyrighted material.
  1. Cookies
    Filemail uses and stores cookies to improve user’s experience. By using Filemail you accept such use. To read more about cookies please visit our cookies policy.
  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    For proper functioning of Filemail service and website Filemail will store your personal information, specifically name, company name, emails, street addresses, organization numbers, phone numbers and IP addresses of all devices that are used for sending or receiving files through Filemail. To read more about this topic please visit our GDPR article.

Don’t use it, use croc for peer to peer sending of large files over regular internet. For anonymous sending of large files via Tor network use OnionShare