This YouTube video has some interesting points about the current state of Privacy. Not to mention the next evolution

This is an interesting idea. Would be good to see this actually come to fruition. Especially since it is something that is possible - especially since we are surrounded by Energy everywhere.

Dr Greer

Lol. This is some tinfoil hat stuff.

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Unsure if you know that this is real info.

Plus everything discussed is the actual truth. Currently searching for an unlimited energy source is something that people have been working on for ages. As noted by Tesla and how he understood that energy is everywhere.

As for the departments discussed it is available for you to view. Not to mention check out Dr. Greer’s credentials. (as it’s the only tinfoil hatty part) Sorry you think it’s tinfoil - but the Internet has always been something that had limited privacy - after all its a giant network :slight_smile:

The info about businesses and how the file 100’s of patents and the rest …

I didn’t really understand what he said, he just throws a lot of buzzwords which at times don’t even make sense. I guess his idea is to open the source of the unclassified information regarding to free (as in beer) energy?

Unsure if you know that this is real info.
Plus everything discussed is the actual truth.

You have just paraphrased here.

Sorry you think it’s tinfoil - but the Internet has always been something that had limited privacy - after all its a giant network

What do you mean its a giant network? Yeah, it is, but what does it have to do that with privacy? I mean, you could obviously create some sort of connection between the two ideas but I’m not so sure what you mean. Do you mean that doing dangerous things in person is better because there are no logs of it?

To begin with, his wikipedia page says he is an ufologist, that is a 100% prove that this is conspiracy, in the recent interview of Joe Rogan with Edward Snowden, he claims that he has searched through the classified information available in the NSA’s HQs and that he couldn’t find anything that proves that humans have made contact with other form of life from the outer space. If we can’t believe in Mr. Snowden word, then God helps us, we can’t trust anything or anyone anymore.

Even if we could somehow prove that some of the theories that Tesla did are true, it is really unlikely that we have the capabilities to create a way to produce mechanisms that are able to make it real. I totally agree with this man in that we should be creating ways so that big tech companies don’t hold the patents and source of the intellectual weapons that can make them lords of the remains of the civilization they are going to destroy. Elon Musk talks about it, focusing more on the idea of AIs, in a future not so far away were thou who owneth the AIs, art thou who ruleth the world. In a political system that it has merged so much with technology to the point where biological and technological are something diffuse, having these kind of tools can create systems of control which will be almost impossible to combat.
But Greer seems more interested in his fantasy becoming reality that aliens do exists, than to advocate for privacy. I’m all for creating spaces where we could push the boundaries of what is socially accepted as private, and I know that in the process the community is going to be called paranoid for it by a lot of people, but we need to back up our beliefs with facts, not by stating things about aliens and conspiracies that as of right now don’t have any kind of backup to their idea except other people who are also conspiranoids.

Finally, I would like to say that his idea that the solution is that we all should start being more private, as if capitalism could be fixed by selective-consumption. I do know that creating a trend where more people are interested in something makes it mainstream and therefore can lead to more radical changes, but without the last underlying part this comes as a way to make feel consumers less guilty about the current situation as if it was their fault, and not the companies. It is not just by consumption and hygienic private habits that something so perverse is reverted, but by legal changes, modifications in the status quo, normalizing the opening of the source and politicizing privacy, security and anonymity.

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He is talking about open source energy project. In addition to talking about shady practices of businesses that create many patents so to obfuscate what they are really doing.

It was amusing how you cited sNOwden - as if that guy knows half of the things he is talking about. Remember all that he did was type in people that he disliked into databases to snoop on them.
Plus it does not matter about alien life - it has already been proven… as you know they found bacteria on mars or somewhere :slight_smile: . So proves right there that aliens exist. Just not the ones that we consider aliens that are akin to us. Or superior.
Plus if you listen to sNOwden talk - as you know he was a night time security guard… applied to a contractor as he could use a computer - they were impressed he could install VISTA without errors. Gave him the job since it was a night gig.

sNOwden talks like the knows every little thing about modern tech. When sadly he has been out of the loop for many years. Not to mention how he always comes across in that slow talking fashion - like someone that has memorized his speech. The topics he touches on now - has nothing | NOTHING to do with his roll at the contracting company - that got him placed with the NSA.

Now back to the Energy project - we now have charging with touching 2 objects - kinda of like the PALM PRE back in 2009. And my Sonic care toothbrush that charges in a glass.
As Nicola Tesla spoke of and produced small experiments on - we are surrounded by Energy. Just need to tap into it.
So really you cannot get behind an open source project that could have the ability to provide the entire world with POWER.

Adding onto the Internet is no private - if you were around when the first Broadband Internet first became a retail product - 1995-1996 ish You would have understood that you could access the entire node and see all the traffic moving. It was called uncapping your modem - CABLE BROADBAND - as at that moment DSL was not available. It was evident that TCP/IP was not a secure protocol - even in the white papers Tim Berners-Lee produced he never made it for secure purposes.

That is why he is on a mission now to make the Internet better with his new Contract Program. Either way there are lots of things I could provide to you as I was one of the first people on the Internet and preInternet. Even working at companies that provided equipment, services and other things… but it would just come across as some random on the Internet - that you cannot verify.
But understand in October 2001 - I was speaking with the government contractors that were gaining access to CO’s in order to install equipment. That equipment was revealed in the NSA leak - but I and others knew long before this how things were not private. Led me to a job at Research in Motion - then to a more prestigious with a much more prosperous entity.

Realize that everything currently is man made - if a human made it a human can break into it! Not to mention the companies that have their equipment as the backbone. With backdoors all over the place.

this in InfoWars level nonsense.

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I know that Snowden said some things on that interview which may make look like he is not that tech savvy, but I think he was partially exaggerating or he later acquired the knowledges, still I don’t see how that could be related to the fact that he had access to all the classified information of the government and the only thing he had to do was search for on a search engine. So, aliens are not real.

LOL - they already have found them - simple cell creatures and bacteria. Not from earth = alien.

BTW sNOwden is a mofo liar for most of the things that he states now. As he is not even in any tech loop at all. Just goes around making money speaking. Security Guard without a HS education to knowing all of America’s secrets.

FYI - he did not have the access that he claimed he did. Either way energy that is open source and not owned by a company is a good idea - right?

Okay, I guess you could consider bacteriae as alien if you squeeze the word so much until it means anything you want, but regarding to outer space entities that are not from this planet and have made contact with humans, those don’t exist, or at least they haven’t come to Earth.

I don’t know if you have heard about the recent demand that Snowden has gotten because of his book. The USA government basically demonetized him for his recent book, and maybe this could apply to his talks too, so the only income he has are donations, and maybe talks if they allow him to gain some money from them. For someone who exposed a lot of the sad true facts in how we live today, this seems unfair to me. I don’t understand your hate against him, if you could provide me with some sort of material that proves that he is a liar I would be glad to see it, if those are facts that can be proven and not simply rumours.

Yes, of course I’m all for it, but even if that kind of energy could be produce by today’s technology, I don’t see how that could change that you still need to be a multi-billion company to build the infrastructure to generate it, but I guess it’s a start…

Have you even read that book? I pirated it and read it. Some of the info is made up straight out of older Hollywood movies like Enemy of the State. But remember this is a guy who had no formal training in Computers or Security. Never finished HS. Most of the book is a memoir. Plain and simple.

Reason the government is doing this is - You cannot profit off of your crimes. sNOwden committed a crime in the eyes of the government.

There are actual heroes out there in the info sec community like Kevin Mitnick. (you about him if you have never heard of him.) . He came out with a book as well. Had to change some of the things around in order to NOT MAKE MONEY OFF OF CRIME. But then had to pay restitution to those that he harmed (corporations) so all his book money went to paying off those bills. Side not at least he has 2 books out.

There is more than enough oddities in all of sNOwden’s none confirmed with his leaks - that he has no idea what he is talking about for the most part now. Just trying to make some money off his fame before his 15 minutes are up and something new takes his place.

As for energy, it’s stated that no multi-billion $ company is needed. This is just like most open source projects.