This forum is dead

While this forum was good some months ago, it is now mostly dead. Users like @worldwidewebwizard spam the forum with news links that nobody clicks; others spread black-and-white views to shut down discussions. In the meantime, the whole PTIO crew seems to be either AFK for weeks or do their thing on Reddit.

IMHO, shut down this forum. It isn’t useful anymore. There are no discussions, only news spam and some purists who live in their B/W world.

yeah I haven’t seen anything interesting on this forum so it probably is dead. I’ve retired from redditing and abandoned all attempts at creating shit websites so this is probably the only place left for now I can discuss anything about privacy. Maybe we should start creating discussions.

They finally updated their OS section and it looks good other than the fact that Artix and Devuan aren’t even mentioned as systemd-free alternatives to Arch and Debian because they didn’t want forks over politics or other “nonsense”. Artix isn’t just Arch without systemd. It also has an easy graphical installer similar to Manjaro.

The browser section seems mostly ok except for one thing: Panopticlick should not be relied on. It measures your browser’s fingerprint and compares it to only the other browsers that were tested. It says 1 out of 8 users (12.5%) have javascript disabled, which is obviously false. I’m not saying disabling Javascript is bad, fact I’d disable it if I were you, but Panopticlick isn’t a good tool for testing fingerprints.

Other small problems include the fact that cloud storage services are even recommended. Can’t they at least tell people to use USB drives for backups as an alternative to Nextcloud? Also why do they even recommend social news aggregators like Aether? Can’t they just teach people how to use RSS to replace all social media? They should be recommending RSS readers not reddit alternatives, but I’m sure they have some reason on why that’s considered “insecure” or “too hard”.

This forum isnt dead. Its an undead of sorts. Privacy died some time ago when we’ve accepted Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon as a society.

As ghost, I try to keep my humanity alive. Try to keep the last embers of fire that hold the darkness back. Maybe sometime in the far future humanity will return. Someone should light the way so they wont lose their way like the rest of us have.

EDIT: @worldwidewebwizard does spam but I actually got good RSS feeds from him and now I dont click his links at all.

Life is currently busy with the pandemic and stuff (I cant even play my pc games at all). The forum suffers consequently but people are here. Stuff is just going on in the meatspace right now.


Well i wouldn’t call it dead, its more like other abo e here pointed out that theres currently a lot of stuff going on in meatspace thats taking a lot of time.


Is privacytool’s subreddit more active?

I wonder if there could be rules or recommendations clarified for the news category such as telling in the original or first post your thoughts on the article or how it makes you feel, so it will be more human and hopefully engaging?

I am sure that @worldwebwizard doesn’t intentionally want to come across as spamming and I have at times found nice articles through their posts that I might not have came across otherwise, but I would also like there to be some human aspect (above paragraph) and not something that can come across as spammy.

I know my posts aren’t the best possible at times either.

Then, feel free to ask questions … If nobody asks questions, then there is no discussion, of course.


We can always start new “best secure messenger” war :smile:


Ooh! Dont tempt me, especially with Signal having shenanigans!

Please, reprieve us … :hear_no_evil:
(Thinking about a world where everybody accepts that there isn’t a perfect messenger for everybody, and messengers aren’t a religion …)

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What? This thread is about the best secure messenger? It’s Threema of course! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Or we can start the new “best internet browser” (not pale moon) or “best linux distro” war or (insert some other best type of thing war we’ve already done here).

best messenger? clearly that would be write, or talk


Which do you prefer (in general): Reddit or the discussion forum format?



I don’t think this forum is dead, as people are still posting relevant questions on it, or at least they appear to be! As long as that’s the case, and it isn’t entirely comprised of spam, I’d like to keep it going. I’ve found it to be a very helpful resource.

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Dead ? It’s not dead !

Also I prefer this forum to the reddit sub : since I registered on the forum I had not been insulted once, people here seems to be way more mature and able to respect each other. Thanks PTIO team to have created this forum and keeping it alive :slight_smile:


This forum aint dead, you guys just didn’t have me around :laughing:


ahahah you’re right : more Junkii’s immediatly makes everything feels more “alive” :sweat_smile:

I don’t have a Reddit account.

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