This also affects PTio:'s open source diagramming is moving to due to .io ethics & security issues

2 Likes has been moved to (.net also works now too).

The move makes sense to me, for security, but more-so ethical reasons.


yeah, moving to a .org would be nice, but we cannot do that because of domain squatters.

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What domain squatters? I think a first good step would be to stop calling it always io at the end.

The ones that have registered I assume.

We have done that, our brand is PrivacyTools, but I am told that we cannot stop the community or anyone else from talking about PTIO or variations containing the io.

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We don’t officially, but for various reasons we are technically unable to rename our Twitter, GitHub, and Reddit accounts.


are you sure that Switzerland is “better” in terms of privacy? I think (but I not know it) this is like an urban legend

The key factor for Switzerland, is that it’s a direct democracy (citizens are involved in the law making process). A lot of the citizens are unanimously in support of strong privacy laws. This is why Switzerland is a good option for services operating there (like Protonmail).


Stories about this go back to 2014, see:

An astonishing story of yet more scumbaggery from the UK government. Be interesting to do an FOI and find out how many .io domains have shut down since that story came out.

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.ch is available for privacytools. Could be a good way to start the mitigation. In regards to the twitter and reddit, I’m not sure.

We are not interested in moving to another ccTLD, especially not a TLD associated with anyplace we aren’t physically located. ccTLDs are subject to virtually no restrictions by ICANN and can have wildly different and/or varying experiences at any given time. We could eventually just end up with the same situation we are in with .io with any two-letter TLD in the future.


Good point.

This was mentioned on github #1324.

I do agree though we should not be moving to another ccTLD. would be nice, but unfortunately it isn’t available.