"There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy"

new acronym: TANSTAP (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Privacy)
see also- WTZ (what the zuck?!)

Sounds like different words come from the mouth of the CEO&COO than those from the lawyers representing them in court of law.

"Facebook on Wednesday reportedly argued that it didn’t violate users’ privacy rights because there’s no expectation of privacy when using social media.

“There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Facebook counsel Orin Snyder said during a pretrial hearing to dismiss a lawsuit stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to Law 360.

The company reportedly didn’t deny that third parties accessed users’ data, but it instead told US District Judge Vince Chhabria that there’s no “reasonable expectation of privacy” on Facebook or any other social media site.

Facebook declined to comment."

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from the links above, the one to follow the case (while popping antacids?)…


the solution of course is to write your congressman and facebook and prance around with picket signs and sue zukerdick, … OR, just stop feeding the crime machine and pick another platform perhaps?

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Time to delete fb and come to the federated world, Mastodon, pleroma, pixelfed, matrix, diaspora, etc.