The web needs can be ours again if we want it

while i have a lot of respect for some of the Firefox developers and others in the community, i have little for Mozilla corporate - some of the decisions they’ve made and “features” and “studies” they have rolled out defy the promises they make regarding privacy and the open web

now they want to push users into creating a central “Firefox account” to promote more of their services and i’m not seeing where users would benefit in any way from doing so

By creating a Firefox account you can increase convenience while decreasing your exposure to some harmful parts of the web.

really? what “convenience” does one gain verses the potential gains for Mozilla? and what “harmful parts of the web” are avoided with a Firefox account?

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The problem I have with Mozilla, is that they seem to completely not understand that when users want privacy, they also want privacy from Mozilla.

I think there was a thing where if people opted-out of tracking/analytics/whatever, Firefox would send user information to another Mozilla server because Mozilla wanted to know who was opting-out :man_facepalming:

They get away with ridiculous stuff like that because Mozilla and Firefox are oh-so-privacy-friendly and most of the community is fine turning a blind eye to the mistakes they make. People will brush off Pocket, the Mr Robot extension, and the latest extension debacle because Mozilla is some underdog organization fighting on the front lines for users rights or whatever. No, Mozilla is a multi-million dollar corporation that should maybe be putting a little more thought into their actions.

I mean, Mozilla is fine. I think Firefox is important, and the work they do for web development is good, and so on. I just want Mozilla to have a bit of self-awareness of their position is all.

Says to stay private online. Forces users to create an account so they can track you.

If Firefox can’t be trusted, then no browser can. If Google wanted to run Firefox out of business, all it has to do is ban it’s users from accessing Google services (including Youtube) until they choose to download Google Chrome. Firefox would immediately lose 99% of it’s remaining market share. The internet now belongs to Google, and the internet that the world needs is dead.

Forget it. If we can’t have our open, private internet, then I’m just going to stop using it. I’ll throw all my devices in the trash and read books instead. I don’t need the internet. I don’t need computers. People from 100 years ago lived without all that stuff. Why can’t we?

The only reason I still use Firefox is because there are no other usable browsers left. All others do not respect your privacy, are slow to update and missing security features, and/or are not supported nor run well. Mozilla should stop doing stupid things if they’re going to respect our privacy.

They aren’t saying you avoid “harmful parts of the web” by having a Firefox account, they are saying having a Firefox account makes it more convenient.