The Unofficial Off-Topic Thread 🥳

welcome, hi, great to see you and all that jazz … now if you don’t mind ihave chores to do :smile:

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It is indeed Friday. :slight_smile:

Time to zone out from all the corporate BS of the work week.

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wait for it…

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I finally found the buttons to move/merge topics, but I don’t think I am going to start working on my past posts that may have had better places unless someone starts telling me to do that and does the thinking where they should be.

Good night, it’s almost 02 AM somehow again.

Hello Guys!

Just after the reg, and I,ve seen there is a nice OFF Topic, so maybe I could get some help from other forum members.
Not much experience I have with privacy tools, so far what I use:

Win10 Pro ( system bulider edition, key purchased on eBay ), Kaspersky Total Security subscription, Nord VPN subscription, setup Firefox using the recommendation, addons etc.

I’m concerned about my PC and Android mobile, something weird stuff going on here.

How can I make sure, there is nobody spying on me, cause I got weird search results, oftern the Firefox or NordVPN alert me there is some SSL certificates issues, sometimes weird sites comes up on search results, looks like someone is Spoofing my internet, or god knows whats happening here.

There is any forum, any website, where I can go, and seek some help?

Many thanks in advance!



It seems that my previous message got lost due to network issues, but I suggested that you go through all of your Kaspersky settings and find if there is anything about HTTPS or SSL protection. It wouldn’t be the first time someone has told their antivirus to MITM everything causing alerts.

I ended up wondering about Discourse trust levels and level requirements on the admin pages and it looks like the reason why we don’t have much people on level 3 (regulars) that would open access into the lounge is that people don’t like and aren’t liked in return.

Apparently the like (:heart:) button has a meaning, so everyone may wish to use it if there is anything that you may like. I think there is some inbuild filtering if you like too much immediately though.

This post is in danger of getting removed by another moderator in case trust levels are a big Discourse secret that one mustn’t talk about.

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Just found this site, I refer to privacy tools sometimes to see if anything new is in the pipeline.

By the way, a friend of mine recommended Listed To, not if anyone on privacy tools has heard of it.


I’ve never heard of Listed To, what’s it for?

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Generally that’s for self-hosting your blog rather than relying on services like dreamwidth, hubzilla, and a few other places. It turns a file system on your computer its a file host for your blog as well.

Up until then I was trying to wrangle a localhost through local tunnel.

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Hello Mikaela,

The facts are:
Fresh win10 Pro install with genuine key
Nord VPN
Kaspersky Total Security
W10 Privacy - all the must be done setup part done

Once im connected to VPN, windows 10 no longer seeking for new drivers for instance, not receiving updates
Few days ago Mozilla Thunderbird no longer receive any new emails, as long as im connected to VPN
Kaspersky does the job just fine, and really weird behaviour from Firefox - as normal for me after a short while, DuckDuckGo search engine - weird sites on search result, once i try to open one, Nord VPN didnt let open the site.

My mobile phone - Andoird 9.0 does the same as my PC.
If im connected to VPN, no longer receives updates the Google Play, emails are the same.
My Android Tablet the same as my phone, sometimes youtube app showns - you must to be logged in to watch content, or the content is restricted.

These are cannot be a co-incidence i think.

There is any guide to start with?


Also, my Phone and Tablet shown Google Play Updates are available, but as long as im connected to VNP, dont start any update, or new app install.
UK, Three Mobile network & Virgin Media ISP.

Does it make any sense?