The New PrivacyTools Logo

A few days ago we launched our new logo for the PrivacyTools sites and services.

But, we are not changing it without a good reason. The previous logo we have been using since 2015 wasn't created by us, and was released to public domain, which meant that anyone could use it in their own projects. Because of that, some of you may have seen it being used on different unrelated websites. This by itself, was a sufficient reason for a new logo. Another issue we had was that it felt too generic, it's just a shield with a white/blue squares and there are a lot of similar logos used by different projects.

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I did’nt realise that it had changed. The new logo looks fine to me.

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It’s nice, and definitely better. More modern. More distinctive. More professional.

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Nice new logo.

Much better

The new logo looks great! Thanks for talking about why it was changed! :+1: