The Hidden Privacy Risk of USB Charging Stations

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I don’t understand how this is still exploitable on a updated Android with USB Debugging turned off. When I plug my phone into my computer I have to go into it’s settings of my phone and change it to file transfer. I’m not sure about iPhone, but isn’t this the same case?

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It seems like it is the same for an iPhone as well.

The thing could potentially still be a threat when trying to recharge any older devices that way (Which represent a pretty small amount I suppose), or another device like a laptop or netbook, but for those, I don’t really see if they do can charge with the amount of power a USB 3.0 charging port could produce.

Despite that, I’ve done bought a USB condom (Yep, some call it like that, including me), that I often use it.
For two reasons :
— Because I indeed do often use USB debugging (But that’s more of my fault).
— Because on a modern smartphone, it is often faster to use a USB passthrought which only carries power, instead of data when using a classical smartphone charging cable to one of theses.

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Even with USB debugging turned on, you will need to authorize the device before it can use adb so I am also confused how it works.