*the goog.. gsuite/biz accounts passwords stored in plaintext


Of course another thing project zero can’t notice, considering their team is lackluster, and can only seem to focus on software from other companies. Perhaps its time they actually have the team be useful for once, and focus on their software.


if they want to keep the ‘too big to fail’ (secret) motto alive they better make sure the ones who pay for service are never overlooked.

this is such a stupid issue to see now for small operations, but the goog, heh, I roll that stupid line back a decade, easy… no excuse dudes you got all the info in the world at your fingertips and use it for/against us everywhere else- do not Fail on your paying customers, ever. :raccoon:

another take:

bahahaahhahahaahahh yeah this is bad. i suppose the only silver lining is that they weren’t all publicly accessible, or even worse, leaked.

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