The EFF should develop their own CAPTCHA

If CAPTCHAs are here to stay, we might well have a trusted third party who oversees it. Also, if it must force labor, that should be directed away from the AI militarism-clusterfuck that is Google/Alphabet and toward something useful, similar to BOINC. Can’t we identify protein chains instead of buses and fire hydrants?


there is already good one like one that used in but problem, all ppl trust google in work because its pro so yeah even if EFF made one just few will use it

Russia providers don’t use Google Captcha. They developed their own. But don’t know if there is an API to integrate that into websites.

Who overseers the overseer?

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Indeed. But I’ll take most any third party over a company that is deeply involved in US military ambitions and is at the same time one of the world’s biggest advertising entities.

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