The Doorbell Company That’s Selling Fear

So how would you guys handle it if your neighbors were to buy one of these cameras?

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There’s a great twitter account and website with plenty of dirt on Ring and similar:

Several of my colleagues have smart homes with Nest and Ring, I’ve generally sidled to their doors and knocked. This is also my policy with businesses where possible, stand to the side of the camera and wait.

Many have issues where cars parking on their road cause the camera to trigger.

The idea that soon someone over the road having Ring would mean 24/7 surveillance of the front of my house appalls me. I would be tempted to interfere with the device, handheld hobby lasers can be effective for doing this from a distance.

I wonder though, would shining a laser at the lens from a distance be considered illegal?

P.s. The Twitter account your probbaly thinking of is internet of shit.

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I meant @hypervisible, but will check that one out too.

It’d be property damage, so yes probably illegal most places. I would be tempted, but do not endorse such behaviour.

Well, from what I understood, weak laser only blind, but not damage the lens, so you could basically point a laser at it all the time.

I can picture it now, a small array of cheap laser pointers atop my chimney, each blinding one Ring across the street! I have no idea if that would be legal.

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