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When it’s going to be released? I really want to see the new FF since the current version for Android is quite shitty in terms of customization and features.

I just stumbled upon the new version, and I don’t like it…

First, before continuing, I would like if you would get Firefox Nightly from the store, try it out yourself, and then continue reading. That’s how you can access the new version, it’s so beta not even the Firefox Beta app has been upgraded to that one. Since it’s in beta, let’s forget about the frequent crashes, there are other problems too.
I want you to try it out before continuing because you may find other problems that I didn’t find.

Now if you tried it out yourself.

When I first read the changes of the app, I found that strange that they write about uBlock Origin finally being supported by the browser. I thought, “oh no, does this mean they are phasing out regular extensions, and trying to hide that there was support for them earlier?”. I wasn’t wrong. Now you can’t install extensions [1] from, there’s a new menu for it, and it currently only has uBO in it. Why are they doing that? I hope it’s not final. Maybe Gorhill knows more, I should check if he wrote anything about that new kind of extension. Also, I know that long pressing the install button on an addon’s page allows you to download the addon file (.xpi), I tried that, and if you try to open it the app won’t know what to do with it.

Then I started looking through the settings [2], and found that the app has Leanplum analytics turned on by default [3], for marketing purposes. Why? Who though it’s a good idea?

EDIT: it seems they are planning to have regular extension support [4], so that shouldn’t be a problem I guess. But the second thing still needs an explanation from them.

[4] Reinventing Firefox for Android: a Preview

I would be interested about what do you think about these.

EDIT: edit at the end of the spoiler section

[1] www. i . imgur . com/s42wb2S.png
[2] www. i . imgur . com/KfhpOd7.jpg
[3] www. i . imgur . com/CRYOdAV.png

Cool but still not there. I’ll stick to Bromite for websites where I need to login and keep cookies. Then DuckDuckGo Browser for everything else like searches.