That One Privacy Site Merges with SafetyDetectives

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I’m not fan of what SafetyDetectives actually recommend for “best password manager”, “best antivirus” etc. but if the partnership is only done to use their server/technical backend to keep TOPS up and running and they have nothing to do with what is published on TOPS and TOPS stays a totally independent website… then I’m ok with that move.

I put in a PR to remove it from and I have written about it here:

Essentially it comes down to an SEO site SafetyDetectives wanting to purchase TOPS’s linkback, and use their clickthrough for shoving affiliate adverts in user’s faces. The reputation also of TOPS means they’re more likely to engineer users with the other bullshit on there.

If you look at the majority of content on there it’s very superficial, basically “no wrong answer” kind of stuff. The reason is because it’s not there to provide meaningful information, it’s there to make the owners money. They don’t want a huge amount of nitty-gritty details they have to keep up to date.

We regularly get offers like that for the domain, and it’s not surprising as I think TOPS’s owner lost interest a while ago.


thank you very much.

For me SafetyDetectives looks like a SPAM site.