Technical post-mortum on the firefox addon outage

I personally think they handled it as well as they could have. And they actually admit it was a fuck up on their side. You won’t see this kind of transparency and responsibility from Google.

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Not that I necessarily disagree, but I would argue, that this sort of fuck up would not happen to them. So the “responsibility” in there sounds a bit displaced.

Well I was more focusing at the “taking responsibility” part. Sure it was bad that it happened, but they admit it happened and they take the blame on them.

duplicate (article does mention formal post mortem as “next week”)

otherwise, I agree they did their best for such a major f*ckup, similar to the compromise last month resulting from sloppy admin procedures, over which I also have not lost faith and trust in, yet…

but shield studies…ipso facto…too much/deep access to end-user’s browser and enabled by default…not cool, browser is the one thing that really has all your exposed/online used infos co-located (besides one’s brain)

begs the question- quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (me) :face_with_monocle: