Synapse RAM Usage

just out of curiosity how much ram is your synapse eating? I have about 50 members and my 4gb ram is maxed out.

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It’s highly dependent on how many rooms you’re a part of and how large they are. A server with 5 members that are all members of very large rooms like the HQ room or Synapse Admins is going to use probably more RAM than a server with 100 users that are all just a part of one room they all use.

Optimizing your PostgreSQL server helps significantly if you haven’t already. Specifically tuning shared_buffers, effective_cache_size, work_mem, maintenance_work_mem, and autovacuum_work_mem will help a lot.

Current usage:

Right now CPU is a bit more of an issue load-wise for us, because it’s mostly single-threaded (otherwise I’d give it 8 cores) :frowning: I’ll have to investigate workers. I also think Matrix is very RAM hungry by default and will use basically all the RAM you give it, so maxing out 4 GB may be normal and not an issue unless you’re also experiencing slowdowns. I highly recommend tuning PostgreSQL regardless, night and day difference. (And if you somehow aren’t using PostgreSQL, you need to switch).


Awesome reply, thank you so much, this helps a lot.

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