Switching from Evernote

I’m switching from Evernote and looking at two options: Standard Notes and Bear. I’ve ruled out Joplin as the functionally is too basic. And all the other open source options are far too basic for my needs. Standard Notes is ultimately better from a privacy standpoint, as it’s open source. However, Bear has a much better UI. Here is an article on how their end-to-end encryption works. I’m wondering if anyone can spot any issues?

If you’re looking for online notetaking and saving to cloud, PrivacyTools already recommends:

  • CryptPad as provider

  • Joplin as software that can sync through Nextcloud (and offers an option to import from Evernote)

  • there’s also other note taking software with E2EE syncing capabilities but I’m not too knowledgeable in how they work and what they use, so you might want to search and test them out a bit

I went from Evernote to Turtl, then Standard Notes and after that Joplin, to finally end up using plaintext notes and the Zettelkasten system. I wholeheartedly recommend it! With plaintext, you are never again bound to a certain app, and you could use cryptomator to encrypt the files. Zettelkasten is a whole approach to note-taking which does not suit everyone, but it might be worth checking out.

I have found Joplin to be very feature-complete… maybe because I highly use their KaTeX plugin.