Switching from Android to Flip Phone

I just installed Netguard on my Android phone and enabled “No Internet” rules for an apps and services. The never ending stream of irrelevant apps that was trying to access and ping multiple different servers was rather unsettling to watch it.

Since I don’t have any energy to play a spy nor I have any knowledge to investigate what is actually happening on a system level. I decided to cut the bullshit and “upgrade” my smart phone to simple flip phone.

Pros I found.

No WiFi.
No Internet.
No Camera.
No Storage.
No Connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC, etc)
Minimal and basic OS (not a smartphone)
Probably almost no tracking (excluding the cellular method)


None for me.

So far I haven’t seen the community talking about old school and minimal phones. So I guess I just leave this here.


Your carrier still has all that SMS and all that call metadata as well as cellular tower location information.

Data is cheap to store and it will be on storage, forever available to authorities.

Sanity check is that for the vast majority of us, this shouldnt be an issue. As usual, of special concern is the whistleblowers and journalist and activist. If this is you, you really should be on secure messaging.

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I would suggest using a VM with android if you totally don’t want a smartphone, at least that way the data that can be stolen is far inferior.


As mentioned before, every phone contains other chips. For instance, a “dumb” phone still contains a Baseband processor, and a SIM card. Last year, we all saw Simjacker and WIBattack that highlighted the issues of other proprietary chips with proprietary firmware in our phones.

Additionally, keep in mind that almost every standard for mobile connectivity (3G, 4G, 5G, etc.) contains security vulnerabilities. So, switching to “old-school” SMS and phone calls may be worse than using a smartphone with application-level end-to-end encryption.


I guess the key takeaway here is like that of the Tropic Thunder meme:

Its ok to dumbdown on phone features, but never go full dumbphone.


That’s a fun movie, lol.

I kind of wish at times that I could switch to a dumbphone as I find “smart” ones so frustating at times, but realistically I would then find another timesink soon enough.

In other words, while it may not help with mass surveillance, I imagine it may help not timesinking into phone and have similar unexpected benefits and I would like to hear more of experiences who have done that.

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I personally cannot be more happy knowing that upon my retirement there will be zero chance for random CIA shmuck to track my every single move, whilst using some fancy backdoor.

I’m going with the notion that technology is spying on citizens. It would be stupid to create a smartphone without an ability to track keyboard, activity, and traffic. It keeps very calm knowing that the stone age technology doesn’t poses any of those capabilities.

Also, as for your personal case it seems that you get another benefit added. Never ending distraction can be quite addictive and debilitating. Smartphones and internet often steals people’s productivity. Take up a lesson for an old forgotten hobby perhaps? :slight_smile:

Maybe not with a backdoor but if you are a particular target they could tap your wire in no time compared to what would it take installing a rootkit on a smartphone with GrapheneOS, but if you are an everyday Jane that’s unlikely.

Well, with dumbphones they can know exactly where you’ve been since the signals it uses to communicate are pretty accurate geolocation markers, and if you remove the SIM card it’s godam pretty useless to have one of those. Therefore, using a smartphone with GrapheneOS, an IM with E2EE and removing the SIM card, you’re good to go, and even better.

That’s a thing which is more personal. I have a smartphone and I mainly use it to play sudoku and chess when I’m on bed, I don’t think it’s necessary to drop them. To me my computer is my biggest distraction since it’s a more comfortable connection to the internet, and to be honest, all the people I know who have smartphone addiction, they have it because they have never been desktop users or because they were raised first with a phone and then with a pc, so I think the one to blame here is the internet.

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