Support "Sign in with SimpleLogin" on the forum

Currently the forum supports 3 identity providers: Github, Twitter and Mastodon (cf the below screenshot). I’m wondering if we can add “Sign in with SimpleLogin” as well? Disclaimer: I’m the developer behind SimpleLogin.

Beside email aliases, SimpleLogin also provides a privacy-focused and open-source login solution that allows users to precisely control what data they want to share and possibly create a new alias when signing up for a forum. As privacytools forum is based on Discourse, adding SimpleLogin should be simple with this guide how to add SimpleLogin to Discourse.

The login solution is free, doesn’t track any data and open source.

Here’s what “Sign in with SimpleLogin” looks like. You can also try it on which is a demo for Discourse forums.


This should go to privacytools github

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Thanks. I think the setting of this forum can’t be set via a pull request on the GitHub repo.

Why would anyone who wants privacy hand over all their logins to microsoft (github owner) or anyone else?

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