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I’d like to announce the launch of Liberapay and Patreon recurring donation options for! Here’s the deal: Your donation will help us continue to serve and maintain the services we operate, including Mastodon, WriteFreely, Searx, this forum, and many more services to come. Our websites and services are free of advertisements, affiliate links, and third party tracking. We’re built by a great team of volunteers dedicated to promoting privacy online for all users, not just power users, and your donations help further that goal. Your donations will contribute directly to the monthly server and other infrastructure costs we have. If you use our services, or share our ideals of privacy for the masses or ending mass surveillance, you can contribute via Liberapay, Patreon, or many other methods including PayPal and cryptocurrencies. Thank you so much for your contributions. When we founded we could have accepted paid sponsorships from a number of companies like so many other “review sites” do, but we decided to do it differently. Advertising is not inherently evil, but it does not belong here. If anything we do is useful to you, take a minute to keep our services and websites online for the years to come.

(Jonah) made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #2
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You should list Monero on top of the crypto page :wink:

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It’s right there in the first section :stuck_out_tongue: 45yJ8LkShLt2f9gCqbBQUcDw7um9XxD2vZ8h2Rt3GoLq9kMrznB3UAHBS1chJk9KjugpBbbJFGtdAeXE5j99wuGxDcbYUri

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Found a tiny amount of Monero on an old phone, and donated it.

I’m currently traveling so I’m not near my main wallets :frowning:

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Thanks! Everything helps :grinning:

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Just an update, I don’t think Liberapay was setup correctly before but I just linked it to Stripe so payments should actually work :+1: