Suggestions for Privacy Tool Reviews?


And here I thought being an “advanced user” would take a whole semester! Speaking of which, I started a new site with a friend recently and am looking for privacy tools to do articles on (such as Qubes, ProtonMail, Tor, etc.). Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m compiling a list already.

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There’s this pretty cool site you may have heard of: It’s filled with recommendations of various privacy tools :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s the site?


It’s called DarkRebel and is kind of along the lines of what DeepDotWeb used to be, but it’s still very much in the beginning phase. I’m hunting around for subjects to include.

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I’m doing one on nginx hardening, but you can steal my idea if you’d like, we could both write one!

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Also docker hardening!

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It’s too bad your Write For Us terms don’t allow for non-original posts, or allow the author to repost somewhere else later. Cross-posting with established sites would be a great way to build traffic and linkbacks…

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Funny you should say that; I was going to write about Docker!

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I can talk to my partner about that. We can change the terms!