[Suggestion] Register the PrivacyToolsIO collective in the Qwant Causes program

Qwant created years ago, the Qwant Cause system.
What is it ?
Well, as an user, by selecting a favorite association from an huge list, with diverses causes (Or, letting Qwant select the association of the month) ALL¹ the benefits that Qwant was habitually gaining from ads in the search results, will be given to the selected association.
As the PrivacyToolsIO collective seems to correspond and be legitible to be registered, I suppose this would be an ideal way of supporting financially the collective, without hurting our privacy in any way !
Here´s one of the public reports of the gained donations to the associations via Qwant Causes.

1: Need sources, the wikipédia article list this, but i can´t find the actual ratio anywhere. https://www.wikiwand.com/fr/Qwant_Causes

I believe it is only available for French organizations.