Student privacy and how to protect yourself on zoom

So i wanted to start this topic for all the students out their that are forced to use school zoom accounts.

How can student’s protect them selves if the school is forcing students to use their zoom accounts?

The steps i have taken is using zoom through the browser then privacybadger, ublock, and clearurls just to block trackers and etc, I’ve also hardened my browser with privacytools firefox guide but i left out webgl though. Then i run my zoom accounts in a Firefox container and use a vpn when connecting. Now luckily we don’t have to show our faces at school but a lot of schools force students to which i would fight fight and fight that.

What/who are you protecting yourself from? Without a clear answer to this question (knowledge of the attack vector), there is no strategy to choose from.

from the school tracking

I dont think this should be fought at the technology level. Deliberately undermining school policy might cause the student to be in trouble and be kicked out of the school. This should be fought at the policy level involving politicians and law makers, etc.

how would this get fraught from a student’s perspective they don’t have that much political power if not any

well, you can’t stop zoom surveillance but you can limit it :-D as you mentioned use it inside browser so it won’t collect same data as you use it on mobile and if you can use pihole or any dns to get you back to block more stuff if your adblock failed (although ublock and pihole use same host files but to make sure tho) — stupid silly note but to make sure you are good, make sure zoom dos not have access to your camera in first place if you are on laptop

hmm, look my school is old, we did not even use zoom when we closed (thank god) :joy: so how exactly fighting zoom tracking gonna to fight school tracking ?

well the school ties everything to a google account and uses cross tracking cookies/etc, to monitor our activity

well, use zoom with google and those trackers then everything out? i mean what “cross tracking tokens” means exactly ? why you guys got so techy schools :joy:

Honestly our school district goes the extra mile to track us, just to use the WiFi at school they want a root certificate installed, and when we were going online they were trying to get us all to use only district computers but they didn’t have enough

well, school tracking. you already know it! VPN on wifi and that computer thing (i don’t know if its laptop or not) but i mean try use it for schools only (and you can mess with them by browsing porn sites lol) and on zoom as you said just open in browser with all stuff you did, you already good or just install zoom on that PC school and let both track each other!

Is there a way to disable zoom report tracking that tracks activity in zoom meetings, i currently have privacy badger, ublock and clear urls with a harden firefox from privacytools guide but it’s still showing i was in the meeting for 1 minute i want to disable the reporting of that 1 minute if possible? Anyone know how to block all of zoom’s tracking?

The tracking is likely done on the server’s backend. There is no way to circumvent this or prevent this on your account. You could probably make a dummy/disposable/burner account but if, I assume, you school is taking note of your zoom attendace. Disabling zoom report is not in your best interest because you might be flagged as “absent” during zoom class.

well the current extensions i have added in firefox seem to mess with zooms report feature as it, reports invalid times.
Example: i was in the meeting for 30minutes it reported 1min

An interesting article from the EFF regarding student privacy challenges and possible ways to fight for it to be respected in 2020 :

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I have a question, I’m a university student and I’m forced to use Zoom.
When I try to join a meeting I don’t have any option to use the browser, it says I must install Zoom to join the meeting, is this browser option only available on phones or the admin/professor disabled that option in the meeting I’m trying to join?

I have Windows so I don’t know what I can do to protect my data from Zoom if I have to install this malware into my computer, unfortunately I can’t use Linux as I use application that are only available on Windows.

As apparently I’m forced to install this thing is there anything I can add to the host file to block trackers from the client or something?