Strong password dilemma: tips on securing your data online

A nice little article for our members which are new in the privacy and security world. topics that are discussed are password hashing, 2FA and all that good stuff.

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Good article for the public it’s aiming at, with some caveats :

  • Using a password manager should come first, and 2FA second.
  • Advice to use 2FA is irresponsible unless it comes with advice to backup the codes.
  • 2FA should not be presented as an airtight solution, because it’s not. There’s not even a warning that the lesser method of 2FA, through SMS, is now considered obsolete and downright dangerous. In fact, bad 2FA might be worse than good password hygiene without 2FA.
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Yeah, I think it is a bit concerning that 2fa, whether that be biometric or otherwise, has started to become a panacea, and that many of these methods are even being talked about as a “replacement” for passwords, rather than what it should be used for, obviously being a 2nd factor of identification.

I agree that 2fa does absolutly not replace passwords. But knowing how bad the average person is at using password, 2fa can really help out, even if its just sms 2fa

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Yeah, completely agreed. I even understand why some people may even think it could be a replacement for passwords given the average users poor use of them.