Stop using Invidious and other youtube downloaders or frontends

Youtube-dl was taken down from Github recently due to an RIAA takedown request. I think the RIAA was right to have youtube-dl banned. Content creators need to make money but they can’t if people watch their videos on Invidious or download them with youtube-dl because there are no ads. Youtube’s technical protection measures are necessary to prevent unauthorized copying and redistributing of videos. DRM is necessary and should be standardized for all services if not already.

I think should stop promoting Invidious because it is harmful to Google. You either use their services how they want you to use them or you don’t use them at all. It is that simple.

The thing is, the frontpage of youtube-dl has specific guides to download Music Videos, specifically. Youtube-dl was simply asking for trouble with that kind of attitude towards the music industry.

I was guilty of this. But i support content creators thru other means like purchasing some of their merchandize. Does this give me an ethical pass of sorts?

It has been proven time and time again that DRM does nothing and actually hurts the consumers more and companies more. Pirates gonna pirate. Meanwhile lawful owners/license holders get shafted all the time. Do a duck search and you will get a long list of articles.

No. It isnt that simple. Adpocalypse has happened and youtube has significantly dialed down content creator payment. Advertisements are still a thing but does not have the same impact as it was in the past. Youtube creators has turned into other sources of income because of this.Creators have merchandise, patreons, Amazon affiliate links, alternative sources of income. Youtube is just a discovery platform for videos.

One could argue that Google is harmful to a person’s privacy and youtube-dl is a way to fight back.


Completely agree with this one. Having sponsored videos is actually a great way of making profit for the content creator and at the same time present actually relevant products to the audience of that video. But I guess that would get in Google’s way of rubbing their noses in quite literally everyone’s business every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day!

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well, for summery. lets find another way to maintain our privacy and same time find another way to tip the creators ?

like as all of them do patreon. so i dont think the RIAA request is right

alright note for me, do not read first line of posts. so let me answer in details about you questions or ur point of view (i might say some wrong words because i want to sleep)

No its not, as i stated above they literally have multi places to get support (at least if they want to search about some) like the stuff the hated one or techlore did ? (crypto donations) so yes its was not right

about downloading music, i download music because youtube fucking do not allow me without paying money and let me tell you where the money goes? no not for creators you downloaded from it goes to google itself so literally love it or hate it. creators are just getting harmed. about without ads thing, i can use adblocekr and no one can tell me a thing also just promoting ads does not give creators money you need to click on it so again it really not worth it

about drm thing, no it does not. yes you got the right to protect your ideas (Copy rights) but not like this i mean look at steam you literally do not buy the game you just get a copy of it and steam can at anytime close your account so drm is bad (At least for me) and you want a good example business without DRM ? so yeah


you hereby grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the Content in connection with the Service and YouTube’s (and its successors’ and affiliates’) business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Service (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. You also hereby grant each user of the Service a non-exclusive license to access your Content through the Service, and to use, reproduce, distribute, display and perform such Content as permitted through the functionality of the Service and under these Terms of Service.

YouTube’s policy on copyright is much broader than it shoud be and basically takes ownership of your content.

So, there’s good and bad in all of this. YouTube isn’t in any way ethical by the way, not just in this case.

Also, earning methods for creators are already plentiful and much more profitable than YouTube ads, which make an insignificant fraction of the income of any succesful e-celebrity. Patreon/Ko-Fi/SubscribeStar, sponsorships, merch (of which Teespring is integrated to YouTube), YouTube Red and Premium, channel membership, affiliate links, crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo…), etc. There’s also Twitch, but that would also mean extra content of another kind.

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All I see is concern trolling here. Person pops out of nowhere and makes a single highly flawed post, then watches other people debate each other.

I won’t close or lock the thread, but I will be watching it.


give me popcorn, lol

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youtube-dl dot org is still up, in Germany, and youtube-dl still works, including updates (youtube-dl -U), but thanks for letting me know about Github. Looks like another good reason to abandon Github asap. :smiley: And switch to other video hosting sites.

There’s no “video hosting site” to switch to, however.
Any minor private project is a tiny and insignificant speck with barely any content.

You could diversify the services that you use for the reasons you browse YouTube (music hosting platforms, live streaming services, communities of various kinds instead of video tutorials, TV show/web series streaming platforms, in place of YouTube) but most of those have similar or sometimes even worse ToS and practices than YouTube, and none strill compare to the intrinsic nature of video hosting and its content.

Unless a more conscious company steps up with a successful competitor, you’re stuck with this monopoly.

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This isn’t a “problem” of GitHub, but a legal issue. Codeberg, a German GitHub alternative, released a statement that they would likely also disable the repo/account until the issue is resolved.

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I think should stop promoting Invidious because it is harmful to Google.

I think should continue promoting what is good for people privacy and give them more choice by bringing them more knowledge about things that matter. I also think Google and Youtube creators in general should stop auto-promoting themselves every 2 seconds because it’s harmful to viewers (it makes them waste their time and listen to annoying unrelated things that no one cares about). If creators need to make money then they can do like everyone else in the world since thousands of years : either they sit at a street corner and beg for it (which is what they are actually doing) or they find a real job (which would translate in Youtube being a paid service for everyone and creators being official employees which would get on the Google payroll… or just translate in them finding an other real job and keeping youtube as what it should always have been : a plateform to share some video in your free time just for fun). Now if creators or Google are unhappy with those options they are free to stop their thing and go do something else… there is so many other video plateforms, some of them being open-source and free without any ads and crap which for now can’t progress because of the huge domination of youtube on this market, they will be happy to see youtube leave this market to give them more visibility.

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:sweat_smile: would you be watching it on youtube ?

Bill Gates/Microsoft/Intellectual Ventures/GitHub… the involvement in controversy over control of media may not be coincidences. Gates was against “stealing” software from his early days. Some patterns never change.

It seems like a target-rich environment too. How did they pick youtube-dl?

It wasn’t Bill Gates, but some lawyer representing the Recording Industry Association of America that sent the request.

If you look at the commits of this repo, you see lots of DMCA takedown notices.

In the end, copyright is copyright. There are courts for this.

I think should stop promoting Invidious because it is harmful to Google. You either use their services how they want you to use them or you don’t use them at all. It is that simple.

No it’s not? Who are you to decide this? Low quality post.

In the end, copyright is copyright. There are courts for this.

Copyright may apply to “mirror” sites like invidious. For youtube-dl, copyright seems like a different issue.

youtube-dl seems more similar to the Sony/Betamax case. We should have the right to use tools that record and time-shift (and speed shift) our replay of “broadcast” programs. youtube-dl is one of several tools that provide this capability.

We also should not have to prove we’re not robots, run all the javascripts, use particular browsers, eat all the cookies, or be automatically blocked because of “automatically detected unusual traffic” from our network, but those are different issues.

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