Step 1: Surveillance Self Defense (PRO Tip!) "Know thine enemy""

Tech is being used in very creative ways and when trying to stay above water (and out of borg/giant absorption) in retail it “pays” to be smart/er/est with it. I don’t want to play an ‘us vs them’ game, especially considering some things are best gotten at ye ole brick and mortars, using cash, than gotten online. I just dont want surveillance (anti-BigBrother/LittleBrother/BigOther, etc, ad nauseam) so it behoves me to learn about what they are doing and how they are improving it all.

yes, as a customer not wanting “them” to have infos on me (absent my fully informed consent) I want to better know what I am up against and since they don’t hand me a flier with UA/TOS and privacy policy before/when I walk in the door I believe the best way is to become familiar with the what and how (technology and technique) used on the ground and in the trenches, in order to properly assess threat, mitigate risk and avoid giving everything away unawares.

and I think this recent article is a good start on catching up with modern local uses maintaining a wary eye towards the future as both technology and techniques will only get better.

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totally forgot to mention a “countermeasure” or two also recently come across:
Fooling Automated Surveillance Cameras with Patchwork Color Printout [2019.04.25]

Nice bit of adversarial machine learning. The image from this news article(1) is most of what you need to know, but here’s the research paper(2)


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