Startpage and Google Double Click DNS

So I was just poking around Startpage’s proxy to see what I could do with it and wanted to check my DNS queries with wireshark. So I did just that and found along side d546fa65d4f_startpage proxy DNS queries was a Google Double Click one. Now I have nothing else open on my computer to provoke this. I only have my terminal open for “sudo wireshark”, Tor Browser open reading blog posts and Brave Browser open with Startpage and a couple Startpage proxy tabs.

Feel free to recreate it yourself. Just refreshing the proxy tab for me gave me another Double Click DNS hit. Is this something to be worried about or not? I don’t like connecting to Google things.

This weird, but i think because startpage (literally) a proxy for google so their dns came up with startpage?

Maybe so but does this pose any privacy risk for us users? I prefer to not connect to anything Google at all, ever. The appeal, at least to me, of Startpage is that I get Google stuff without me, myself touching Google. The fact that I sent DNS queries to double click doesn’t make me feel all that comfortable.

it be might inside their proxy itself. again i’m not sure, best thing u can do is ask them directly on reddit or something or try other website like wayback archive and open same page and see the dns

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Test with bromite and im not seeing the request maby brave could be the problem?

I thought that too but I only ever got it when using Startpage and never Brave alone or Brave with any other site. I do believe it to be Startpage and not Brave for that very reason. I notice it when using Startpage’s proxy so it might have something to do with that. Also Startpage’s mobile search results (last I checked) where using Bing due to Google being weird about that. So that may be a factor as to why you didn’t see it. Thanks for testing with me. Tell us if you figure out anything else! :smiley: