Starting to degoogle myself. Just found out that Google is Venom

A week ago it appeared in the news that Google will be able to access and delete data you have stored on Google Drive or Google Photos, even though those accounts have not been used in more than 2 years. What an invasion of privacy, Google! Do you want my bank account too?

I feel that Google is increasingly intruding into my life. Google began as a tool, then it became more necessary “friend”, now, it’s an attempt of a symbiosis that chooses for me whether to delete my files or not.
Since that news came out I have been researching through DDG and I have seen that Google is perfectly expendable in our lives. For example, I didn’t know about Protonmail until last week, but it seems that it will stay in my life for a long time. As for Google Drive, I’ve been using Internxt Drive for months, a decentralised cloud storage. Can you advise me on more options to get rid of Youtube, Google Play (or secure apk sites), Google Duo and the whole world of Google?

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You can use newpipe(only for android and get the apk from github or use f-droid repo to get fast updates) or invidious or peertube for youtube and for google play you can use f-droid with aurora store this way you don’t even need a google account, riding of google off the internet is just impossible for now but we still can resist them by making your friends and family use privacy products or at least making them move away from google and other privacy-invading companies

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First of all let’s agree it’s someone else’s computer so they already got access to your data. Youtube: Freetube/Invidious/newpipe
Google play: Aurora store. Google duo: Signal or any secure messaging app on PTIO. and specify what you mean about whole world of google


I suggest you to read This website is pretty good for privacy beginners.

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It’s like (or privacytoolsio so to speak!) but thanks (yet it does not talk about my topic :joy:)

Youtube: Invidious for browser, Freetube for desktop and Newpipe for Android.
Google Play: F-Droid
Google Duo: Jitst Meet

Signal just released group calls, just saying if you are not yet aware (I always forget myself it can do that now)