Spotify alt

Hey folks,
I love spotify a lot, i use it daily. but my problem as you might guessed already the privacy, how much they collect data from us so i kept search on alt for spotify (a client alt) because at end of the day, spotify as servers and songs its goddarn good and admit it :stuck_out_tongue: so i had to give up about server side tracking like logging your songs so i found about Spotify TUI and spotifyd. those alts, spotify tui is like the client itself but inside terminal and open source of course and spotifyd (spotify daemon) it acts like make your computer acts like you open the app (your whole pc shows as computer or device in spotify connect so you literally hear the songs from the computer itself, no clients) so using both its like using same spotify app but the different that spotify wont collect your device data β€” and blade on android

I think all Spotify alternative clients require paying for premium and probably won’t block the server from collecting data on your listening habits.

Serverside the only alternative coming to my mind would be Ampache that you would need to feed with your own music.

Thats why i said, i had to give up on server side tracking like they record what you hear but at same time you block good amount of data, i remember i requested my data from spotify and i saw that the client reported my sound driver! so still not 100% blocking but good amount just like FB, we dont use FB but fb still tracks you anyway

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Gosh, that’s crazy.

yeah, i requested my data after i saw post on twitter saying spotify collected his bluetooth headphone names (on mobile) so i said okay im going to request my data too! and found about that and other stuff, like when you paused your song and why it was suddenly ? the browser closed right away or you did it on purpose β€” now you can say oh my gosh :stuck_out_tongue: