Speed test open source website

hi folks remember me ? i’m whos made that website to check IP (the “open source-privacy respect” website) so yeah i added a new option to test your net speed by loading an image from github server (if you think about it, you already on github servers by visiting my website) so i said why not host the photo on github too ? so yeah it’s just load a photo & tell you what your net speed & from testing i can say its kinda near ? i mean if we said it’s open source & without third parties APIs it’s good (my net from fast.com is 14MB/s & on my tool it said its 10MB/s so yeah) so if you wanna take a look: https://esmailelbobdev2.github.io/Whatismyip/ & of course if it’s not working just tell me because some users here helped me & said it not working (thanks guys) but at same time it work perfect with me so i not able to get the error & finally hope you guys love this project (yeah code stolen from the Internet but iam whos compared them & made them fit the website)

It is not working :: directed me to 404 -page not found


yup i changed name of project & i did not update the address because i thought no one will use it here xD but here you are: https://esmailelbobdev2.github.io/What-Is-My-IP-Address/

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