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i have a little story, my sister has a plan to buy an IP camera, soon she ordered without knowledge or asked in advance with me without prior research. came with China brand, quite difficult to configure requires GPS for that, I think this IP camera only supports Android and IOS only. after all setup is complete, i try to use wireshark to see the traffic and the results are terrible, this ip camera doesn’t use encryption by default. i see all traffic in a plaintext and expose mac address and some ports that are said to use “http: 80, sslport: 8443”, TCP: blabla "i cant even find what is the real brand so i think I could setup at browser to use that ssl port … but nothing i check the mac address finder and seen on the website there from a chinese company that has produced a lot of goods for many other companies that i dont understand who are they exactly, until now I can’t help much to make the network safer, maybe from you guys who have experienced and how how to solve so that I can use with encrypted connection, I have OpenWrt router and try to setup VPN and connect the IP camera in same network with the OpenWrt router but the results are zero. still using UDP unecrypted package, somebody may gimme a hand?

Note : seems i dont have much choice and surf on net doesnt give me much answer for this…

If the camera supports RTSP, you’ll be fine even if you purchased a HikVision clone. Just isolate it in a network that is not connect to the internet and keep it there along with the video recording solution you have.

Alternatively you can get some Synology stuff if you really want it on the net.

thanks man i’ll try it soon

This is what I’d recommend as well. With security systems this is best done with a VLAN, you do need a “managed switch” for that however.

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