Spam Gourmet founder has passed away, but the project is still alive

Josh, the founder and developer of Spam Gourmet who has been running the website since the year 2000 has passed away in the month of February, he suffered from a Glioblastoma Multiforme (“GBM”), a type of brain cancer. The service will remain alive, up an running thanks to his son, Josiah.

I just thought it was important and kind to remember a person who dedicated so much effort and time into a libre project that helps people’s privacy. If you are more interested on the event, here are some more forum posts.

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I also heard a lot of nice things about SpamGourmet (it’s the inspiration for my startup :slight_smile:) and really like its user community. According to some Spamgourmet veteran users that I’ve been in talks with, SpamGourmet hasn’t released new features for a while though and it’s rather in a maintenance mode now.

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No, the service is quite outdated and it is just working, but well, it’s a nice project to see there since they are pioneers.