Spain's top corrupt policeman used Truecript

And apparently Spain’s top spy agency is unable to decrypt more than 50% of the data (the article says they might just be hiding it)

Wait… do you mean they decrypted half of it ?

Yeah its something really strange

I read an automatic translation of the article. It’s interesting. Security experts were interviewed. We don’t know how they decrypted that, beyond the information provided (provided the information is true). We don’t know if True Crypt was cracked, and the experts seem to agree it’s unlikely.

For that matter, they could have got hold of the password. Or one of the passwords. We don’t know.

Wasn’t Truecrypt compromised long time ago, and that’s the reason why Veracrypt is recommended now?

No. The (anonymous) developers of True Crypt abandoned their program out of the blue, stating it was not safe and they discouraged people to use it.

But they never explained why, and we still don’t know.

There was an audit of the program after that, and although it showed some issues, nothing was found that could justify their claim.

Then Vera Crypt forked the code, made something stronger and here we are. But there was never any proof that True Crypt was really dangerous to use, and some people still use it to this day.

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Could it be the hard drive had different partitions in it, which is how they could’ve gain access to only part of the data?

Yes. It’s possible they found one password relating to one volume, and not the others. From what I understood, there is no information that they actually cracked the encryption. We are only speculating here.

Yep but its strange, they say maybe the psswds got stolen from a book, but then why only 50%? Maybe he had two password books? I dunno