Somebody accessed my e-mails and text messages. How can I protect my account?

Hi, Recently a hacker got into my personal email and text messages. I believe that someone I know hired a professional to do this.

I have taken steps to secure everything as much as possible. I switched to ProtonMail, have strong passwords, 2FA, and I have a separate laptop (Mac OS Catalina) that I now use for sensitive things such as online banking.

How would you protect yourself from this? Do you have any recommendations?

Please buy a new PC. Install Ubuntu attached to magazines and other appendices.
Enter the following command in ufw while isolated from the network.

$ sudo ufw default DENY
$ sudo ufw enable

Shut down once.
Connect to a network.

Well, for me i use password manager with 7 random words, every account have its own password, not sharing passwords

What does that command do?

Assuming you mean these two,

It makes ufw (uncomplicated firewall) shipped with Ubuntu block all incoming ports, unless opened especially, but I think that is the default and you could just proceed to the next command.

Enables ufw so the firewall rules set with it come to force.

I have blogged about ufw in

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