Some questions from a beginner

I’m french, and I care a lot about my privacy.
Is it bad to have online services from one of the fourteen eyes countries? For example, my NextCloud instance is from (french OS /e/). And same question for searx instances and encrypted DNS?
Thank you! (I will have more questions later :sweat_smile:)

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Thanks, so, for now, we don’t know if a country is reliable or not, just because it’s inside the fourteen eyes.

Is there a way to check the best private DNS? Is the Android integrated better than Nebulo?

regarding the cloud, as long as you encrypt your files before you upload them they should be safe

Okay, thanks. Do I have to enable something to have E2E in NextCloud? Because I checked the app and I have nothing to do this.

if the owner of the server did activate it I think it should be default, but you always have the option to do it yourself before you upload :slight_smile:

with ex cryptomator or veracrypt

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E2EE in Nextcloud is still in beta (or even alpha) status. So it is not advised for everyday usage and/or for important files.

Even without E2EE, Nextcloud providers are for sure better than Google, Dropbox, Microsoft… Especially those who really care about privacy (e.g. Disroot). But the problem IMO in this case is not trust, it’s security. I trust Disroot (or even Hetzner, /e/, Owncube…) admins won’t look into my files. But I think it is quite possible their servers might be compromised (hacked) at some point. So for that reason, Cryptomator is preferred option if you decide to keep important files there.

I use Tresorit with E2EE for important stuff, and Nextcloud without E2EE (Hetzner Storageshare) for less important ones. Even though I have admin access and can enable it

Bonjour, @darkvadd7 . C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer!

Bonjour, c’est un plaisir également ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Another question: what about the Key Disclosure Law? Even if I crypt my data, the governments will be able to decrypt, right?

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Have you considered Disroot’s Nextcloud service? You get 2GB free. Check it out.