Some privacy myth

I have that little RSS app. and i got the rss feed for privacy and privacytoolsio to see posts and to try help the users, so far so good right? no, last night i saw around 5 posts about telegram and around 2 about IOS and how they are perfect for privacy so please lets end this discussion once and for all.

Let’s start with Telegram


The problem with telegram and how people fall in it’s trap (even me in the past so don’t feel guilty) that they advertise it as it’s open source and end to end encrypted software. which is kinda true but not the whole truth (like those laptop manufacturers say their laptop last for days but in fact you need low the brightness for the screen, lol) so yes they are open source and yes they are end to end encrypted BUT their servers are not open source, it just their client and their end to end encryption not on by default unlike some apps (Signal) and as you guessed it right, because the servers are really not open source, we really don’t know what runs inside those black boxes… i mean who knows maybe their end to end encryption somehow gets decrypted in the servers right ? and here is some “words” about telegram:

Telegram clients are advertised as free software, but in practice the source code is not immediately accessible, the delay sometimes being up to 5 months. So, unknown spyware features could be in the official Telegram client binaries that you download, without you knowing. It’s recommended that you build an outdated version of telegram from its source code, since it’s not provable whether or not the binaries that are distributed have unknown spyware or not.


If you are currently using an Instant Messenger like Telegram, LINE, Viber, WhatsApp, or plain SMS, you should pick an alternative here.

SOURCE: (it’s a video, lol)

Now, let’s move to IOS


Apple is like any other company, okay let’s agree about that. and if you are thinking “yes, company. it’s normal” let me tell you literally most of folks here hate firefox because they are try to be more company-like so no, company means the profit is first and i think the reason people think ios is more private because…? i really don’t know, for me i see both in same place (android and ios) but i guess because their CEO keep says it’s private but let’s face it. if we compared both i think android more private because literally android is open source and see how much custom roms out there unlike ios that locked for what you got and here is some sources (actually one, lol) (~The hated one)

This reddi’t comment (The one that made by u/86rd9t7ofy8pguh)

and now we have mentioned the problems, lets address the solutions. Signal, XMPP, Element and many more are already good for your privacy and open source and audited — IOS and Android are the same. both are companies and both want profit but if you asked me, i would choose android because it’s more unlocked (custom ROMs)

And at the end i want to hear your point of view too! also yeah i’m not native so my grammar is bad xd

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Ios is still better for people who don’t know or can’t use custom ROMs like me

Nope, at least in android you can root it and remove GAPPs or there is ways at least to do that, unlike ios you locked in the apps (until recently FINALLY allowed you to select the default apps and use something other than their mail or safari)

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Regarding custom ROMs:
LineageOS, for instance, still comes with ties to Google. It is like using Chromium instead of Chrome – it still comes from Google.

On the other hand, most custom ROMs never update the firmware of your smartphone. While you may get updates for the Android OS itself, the underlying chips become more and more insecure.

Finally, what about trust? Trust is another interesting POV: Why should you trust a custom ROM of unknown origin that got posted on an unofficial forum? Who guarantees that the “nice guy” that posted this ROM isn’t the intelligence agency or criminal that you wanted to avoid by rooting your phone?

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Id probably get an iOS device as my next phone (never had my own) to try it out. I want to keep using Lineage OS but my device maintainer is getting a bit lax on the updates. I am utterly at the mercy of the device maintainer and when he drops i,t ill be out of updates. There is no official 17.1 build yet, nor is there a plan for one. This is the problem of not having a mainstream android phone.

i trust local persons not companies so yes for me i would go for custom roms

for me, my next phone would be google pixel to install the custom rom :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least Samsung users can check the status of their devices firmware with the fantastic SamFirm Tool.

This is absolutely right and everybody has to make a decision. To CustomROM or not to CustomROM. I’m sure my CustomROM-guy is not the NSA, but don’t ask me why! ;))