Some Extensions not Working with Tor Browser

Tor/Firefox extensions that add a toolbar menu are not working. For example,
the image below is the menu for HTTP Everywhere. As you can see, the menu
is almost blank. The only visible word is “version.”

This problem occurs with any extension that adds a toolbar menu. I’ve tried
uninstalling and reinstalling these extensions. Doesn’t help.

I have no idea why this is happening. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What OS are you using?

Seems to work for me.


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I dont think it is wise to use extensions or other addons on top of Tor because it makes you more unique. Just switch the safety settings to the site you are visiting accordingly.

Generally yes that is the case. However HTTPS-Everywhere comes with the Tor Browser.

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I wasnt aware that it had noscript and HTTPSE was built in as addons, i thought it was somehow incorporated entirely within the browser binary as represented by the shield icon next to the URL bar.

To OP, mine seems to work fine as well.

well, what if you just reinstall tor browser itself ? i mean if you use windows (or linux) you will download setup and execute it so its easy to reinstall just delete the old folder and download new one and try

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The Tor Browser installer is really just an extractor. It doesn’t write anything
to the Windows Registry, and all files stay where you put them.

I’ve replaced Tor Browser with fresh copies a few times. The effect on those
malfunctioning extensions is kind of strange. The toolbar menus are completely
restored. However, closing and opening Tor for the first time causes that blanking
out of all toolbar menus.

I’ve fixed thousands of software problems, but I’ve never seen anything like
this before. Maybe editing one or more about:config preferences is the solution.
Just an educated guess, I really don’t know.