Software alternative to Apple Book

Hey everyone,

Having gone through PrivacyTool’s recommendations, I am starting to transition away from iCloud services. This is made rather easy since I already had a webdav solution. One outstanding element is Apple Book (formerly iBooks).

First question: is Apple Book really part of iCloud? It does not show up on iCloud options, but if it syncs between devices, there must be a link somewhere.

Second question: what can I replace it with? On the mac end, it’s rather straightforward, as a simple folder structure with Preview does the trick (at least in an ok manner). But what about the iPhone side? Any recommendations for a (preferably free and open-source) app that can manage some PDFs and e-books and sync with a webdav server?

I have so far read about Goodreader, but it is neither free nor open-source and the licence agreement is not encouraging regarding the use of my data.

Thanks in advance for any recommendation/advice!



  • I’m not sure if it’s part of icloud or not but its still under apple hands so they can still spy on you.

  • I fucking hate iphones (sorry but i just do) i tried to convince my friend to move forward into cryptomator and it was paid on iphones but literally free everywhere! so it’s hard to find “foss” apps on that monster but after looking i found this alt hope it helps: (more at:, just select filters you want and see)

Thanks Esmail,
Exactly: iCloud or not, I’m happy if I find an alternative.
Unfortunately, has not really led to anything desirable so far.
Not trying to launch a whole debate here, but the very Christian focus of ToadReader kind of put me off, so I’ll keep searching.

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I dont know about ToadReader, it just i found it called free on so i posted it alone :sweat_smile: and im sorry for not able to help