So why is bromite not officially on f-droid?

Bromite dosn’t have trackers and it don’t track user activity finaly it is open source however bromite is not officially included in the repo

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So bromite can not be used in android? But im using it now…

I think you’re getting confused. It’s also not Obj C, it’s Java.

Yes. I should shut up and sleep now :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Reviewed the site again. What I thought I was talking about was the Onion Browser - my mistake. Very sleepy now and should sleep.

Likely the reason it’s not on the official f-droid repos is because the authors would rather manage releases themselves.

Releases to the repo are not instant, and get queued to be built. There’s also some requirements to make sure they can be built automatically and with the reproducible builds feature. (That way independent verification servers can check the build matches source code).


The dev tried to do that but failed. Apps in f-droid must be built from source but chromium is too difficult to build. A contributor made some progress but gave up and decide to work on gecko instead. Help is needed :smile:

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Does anyone know why Bromite is not available on Google store? Is it a choice made by the developers, because they don’t trust Google?

Is Bromite on Play Store?
No, and this is unlikely to change. Many limitations apply for submissions there, including which ads are allowed to be blocked.
Bromite favors user freedom in software choice: the device is yours so you get to choose which software to run on it, end of the


And bromite allow vidio background play brave browser almost got banned because of this

The Brave Browser was never posted on the F-Droid repos at any point ?!

I ment play store