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Hi I’m a happy long-time user of: protonvpn, startpage, bitchute, fossdroid…
But i would like to do some stuff on the cr4ppy Google platform:

  1. download apks from the playstore
  2. maybe comment on stuff on YouTube
  3. possibly upload apks to the playstore

Each of these accounts should be under a separate name & gmail account imho, to reduce the usefulness of my private data and increase my privacy. However, Google often forces SMS verification on me when logging in or creating an account.
I don’t want to buy separate SIM cards and swap them in my phone all the time (plus that reveals my physical location).

Question: what is the best service where i can buy sms numbers anonymously with crypto for a good price? I did a quick startpage-search, first hit is:
Is that any good? Is there a good comparison website for these services? Could dedicate a section to this?

Note: i dont need a special desktop-notification-service, sms->to->e-mail is fine.

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You can download APKS using Yalp from F-Droid.

Blockquote Could dedicate a section to this?

I also think privacytoolsIO needs a section for working anonymous SMS verification. They are so much needed considering how invasive the companies becoming.

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using such a phone number has its risks too, it is the same story as with eMail providers, if it is “free” you pay with your data.

and they can potentially gain access to the accounts you used their phone numbers for